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Dov Maisel

Entrepreneur,  Innovation specialist, Inventor & Inspirational Global Keynote speaker 

Saving Lives through Ingenuity, Innovation and community

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Professional Profile

Innovator, Public speaker, volunteer and world renowned disaster management expert, With 30 years of experience, Dov Maisel has dedicated his life to saving the lives of others. When Dov was just 9 years old he was walking home from school when he witnessed a horrific accident in which a 6-year-old girl was hit by a bus. Without a model to emulate, he decided he never wanted to be helpless when someone in his vicinity so desperately needed lifesaving treatment.

By the age of 14, he began volunteering on an ambulance. Dov served as a combat Paramedic in the Israeli Defense Forces and has served as a combat Paramedic in four different wars. After his army service, he began working as an EMT, dispatcher and ambulance driver for Israel’s national ambulance service.

During the 2000-2003 terror wave in Israel, Maisel personally responded to  and managed EMS teams at thousands of terror attacks. Dov is the inventor and developer of numerous medical devices including a pocket BVM- airway management device, which is used internationally in many armies, including the U.S. Military. In 2006, Dov Maisel was one of the founders of United Hatzalah, Israel’s first all volunteer, EMS organization and has been working as the Director of Operations, managing national and international operations along with the Israeli police, IDF and Ministry of Health as well as other governments. Dov invented what is now United Hatzalah’s uber like GPS -based dispatch system which locates and sends the EMT closest to the medical emergency.

Maisel graduated from several NATO and Red Cross led international workshops on disaster management and led international relief missions in Haiti, Nepal, Mumbai and most recently in both Houston and Florida, USA, after the devasting hurricanes, as the head of International Operations of United Hatzalah and continues to save lives as a volunteer, instructor and mass casualty incident manager. He has received the Israel Presidents Award for volunteerism and sits on the International Editorial Board of Jems Magazine.
Global public speaker and international networker in the fields of disaster management, MedTech and Israeli technology and Ingenuity.

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Experience & Professional History


Co founder & VP Operations at United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is Israel's largest independent, non-profit, nationally recognized and fully-volunteer emergency medical service (EMS) organization. Our mission is to provide immediate medical intervention during the critical window between the onset of an emergency and the arrival of traditional ambulance assistance.
Thanks to our Uber-like GPS dispatch system that tracks the location of our 5,000 volunteers in real-time, our fleet of innovative motorcycle-ambulances (“ambucycles”) that can nimbly maneuver around traffic jams, and our nationwide network of trained and equipped volunteers, our first-responders arrive at the scene of an emergency within three minutes – the fastest first-response time in the world – and we are working to further reduce our average response time to a mere 90 seconds by 2021!
Through our community-based model, we train ordinary people to become citizen-responders. Our volunteer EMTs, paramedics, nurses and doctors, respond to over 1,000 emergencies a day, treating 315,000 people each year. By arriving before the ambulance to staunch bleeding, administer CPR or start defibrillation, they are saving thousands of lives each year.
Our medics hail from every sector of Israeli society and create a web of first-responders ready to drop whatever they are doing and race to nearby emergencies, anywhere and anytime. We serve all citizens regardless of religion, nationality or race, and unlike other EMS organizations, our services are always free of charge.
United Hatzalah's unique combination of optimal medic-to-population saturation, innovative rapid response vehicles, portable medical equipment and cutting-edge dispatch technology ensures that every heart attack, road accident or terror victim in Israel receives immediate medical assistance when every second counts. A United Hatzalah volunteer on scene often means the difference between life and death.


Founder and owner MicroBVM systems LTD.

Micro BVM is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of advanced emergency field medical equipment. Its flagship product, the Pocket BVM, is the most compact BVM on the market. The Pocket BVM has a patented case into which the BVM collapses and as a result, the BVM is a quarter the size of a standard BVM.  The Pocket BVM is available in two other variations- Pocket BVM with O2 Tubing and the Pocket BVM Tactical. Micro BVM’s latest innovation- the MicroBVM EXT Tube, is an expandable extension tube that ranges between 23 – 75 cm (9-30”), and enables practitioners to safely and easily transport intubated patients.

The space saving advantages of Micro BVM’s products combined with the robustness of their packaging and superior quality have made them the BVM of choice for the U.S. military, NATO forces, international SWAT /  Tactical teams, as well as civilian emergency medical response teams including airlines and EMS units around the world.

The company was founded in 2007 by paramedics who felt that the existing BVM should be improved.  They wanted to design a BVM with the same functional qualities as current BVMs but which was highly portable and could fit, simply into an emergency kit.  From their field experience they knew that if a BVM could be easily thrown or passed from one paramedic to another, it could save valuable time and help save lives.


Global inspirational Keynote speaker

Public speaker, keynote and general lectures given on many stages around the world on a wide range of topics of expertise including:
- Social Disruptive innovation
- Israeli Ingenuity and startup nation
- Personal achievement
- Motivational challenges
- Disaster Management
- MCI Mass Casualty Incident
- Emergency Medical Services

I have lectured on stages in many countries including USA, Latin America, Europa, India, Asia and Oceania to all types of audiences amongst them Military, Hitech, Medical professionals, Emergency Medical Services, social leaders, government and NGO, youth and young professionals. 

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Fields of Expertise


Disaster Management

An Expert

Leading Search and Rescue missions to disaster struck countries such as, Nepal earthquake 2016, Haiti earthquake 2010 and Hurricane 2017, Hurricane Harvey in Huston and Hurricane Irma in Florida in 2017.
Bringing first hand experience in Disaster response SAR and setting up mobile clinics for medical response,
Humanitarian psychotrauma unit response for community and first responders.

Medical Device Inventor

Maximizing in the box thinking

Inventor of patented medical devices. Board member in the capacity of consulting specialist on a number of medical devices and biotech innovation companies.
I have vast knowledge of the emergency medical service world and innovative thinking in bringing new and advanced lifesaving technologies to the market.

Disruptive Social Innovator

Impacting globally

Being one of the founders of United Hatzalah/United Rescue I have introduced to the world the power of leveraging community power to saving lives as community based medical emergency responders. inventing Uberlike technology to locate the nearest responder to any medical emergency minimizing response time to 90 seconds.
Acting as community buffers to official Emergencies the model has been adopted and responded to thousands of emergencies globally every day .

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Fields of expertise

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International Keynote Public Speaker


Over the past decade I have spoken on stages globally as Keynote speaker and lectured at various track sessions on my fields of expertise.

Part of my sessions included topics such as:

- Social Disruptive innovation
- Israeli Ingenuity and startup nation.
- Personal achievement
- Motivational challenges
- Disaster Management
- MCI Mass Casualty Incident
- Emergency Medical Services

HLS and Public Safety Tech expert

You Could also be A Pro

Over the past 20 years I have personally been involved in developing and implementing Homeland security and public safety technologies on many platforms including, civilian to law enforcement and military.

I have established personal and professional relationships with a vast network of high tech companies in this field in Israel's start up nation and globally.

This network and relationship has led me to introduce the most cutting edge Israeli technology globally.

International Editorial Board Member of JEMS Magazine

Professional publications in EMS

As a member of the International Editorial Board of the Journal of Emergency Medical Services I have published articles introducing and highlighting Israeli ingenuity and best practices in the field of EMS bringing my 30 years of experience in the field.

Have any questions? Drop me a line and let me give you the answers.

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"There is no limit to the good you can do if you don't care who gets the credit"

Ronald Reagan

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